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On the basis of other diseases, registered in medical statistics and related to human mood and lifestyle, attempts are made to identify it from the viewpoint of time and geography. Description is given to geographical spread of these diseases, also searching for their links to lifestyle and character of dominant activity.

The article could be related to medical geography. Unfortunately, scientific works on the topic are not numerous and there are few of them only in Lithuania. Besides, it is rather difficult to identify depression, as it is related to human mood, which could be hidden deeply inside. Unaware of it as a serious disease, people do not address doctor or psychologist. Due to this only few diseases and morbidity, as indirect attributes of depression, are employed in this analysis.

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As a disease, depression itself is not registered in health protection system. Accordingly, there is no accurate statistic account of it. Short-term depression, though very often repetitive, also prevents from that.

Even less explored is the geography of depressions, the rather that medical geography in Lithuania and elsewhere has no long traditions, research methodology and methods.

Performed researches prove that this branch of social geography can be of service for medicine, identifying territorial sources of diseases, their causality and eventual results. Aim of the research is to define alteration of human depression in time and space.

Major objectives are: a to define geographical spread of depressions on the basis of statistic data, b to search for regularities and probable grounds. The quality of human resources depends on many demographic and social characteristics: age, working skills, motivation of actions, living environment, education, health, etc. It is a very important object of research.

In national department of Statistics made an inquiry among population on health related issues. Women gave more negative evaluation of their own health, compared to that of men.

Worst among them was evaluation of those coming from Tauragė and Telšiai districts correspondingly This is proved by the fact that people with long-term health disorders and affected by a chronic disease made more than half of them This difference „ligoda trading llc“ el. pašto adresas statistically recorded data and sociological inquiry could appear due to following reasons: a respondents knew nothing about possibility to employ these data against them in their workplaces, when striving for career, participating in different open competitions for vacancies; b unwillingness to admit some diseases and morbidity, negatively treated in society HIV, schizophrenia, tuberculosis, cancer, infectious diseases, related to sexual intercourse, etc.

It means that more attention is to be given to the health of entire population. These are statistically recorded patients. In fact their numbers ought to be higher, as some of them are inclined to keep silence or take no notice of this disease. Speaking about physical and mental disabilities it is necessary to define the terms of morbidity and invalidity.

Morbidity is a number of annually registered new cases, whereas invalidity is realized as a number of invalid at the end of year, i. These numbers could be presented kaip greitai pagaminti lego absolute proportions or expressed in rates for and 10 people.

Least explored among many diseases and morbidity is human mood and long-term psychical state.

„ligoda trading llc“ el. pašto adresas

These researches are put to great inconvenience due to their complexity and shortage of statistic data. Besides, human psychical state is one of those taboos, to which people are exceptionally sensitive.

Even constantly staying in bad mood and experiencing depression they very rarely address a doctor, being afraid of possible consequences: position of friends and family members, employers and career perspectives, etc. An old approach to psycho-neurological diseases and medical institutions makes a negative impact even on healthy people.

Consequently, practitioners are being addressed only in late stage of mental disease. This phenomenon was already mentioned by early researchers. Geographer Chris Philop.

„ligoda trading llc“ el. pašto adresas

Depression, very often related to psychical state of people, ranks highly in the list of diseases and health disorders. Psychical disorder as a phenomenon is still discussed in practical and academic literature. Some experts maintain that it depends on approach social agreement to what is to be treated as normal and a deviation from normal evaluation and socially adopted standards Giosan,p.

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Depressions are usually more stable than one of their most significant forms, i. It is difficult to identify psychic diseases, like depression, as it also depends both on general human health and national traditions, lifestyle, material and cultural development, concentration of population and other factors. WHO prognosticates that around depression will be prevailing disease in the world presently six persons out of one thousand experience depression globally.

In the future depression will be the cause of most deaths, particularly, suicides. Supposedly, half of all suicides commit suicide, affected by depression. It is treated as a spiritual and psychic disorder or disease. One or several and sometimes contradictory symptoms are characteristic among those affected by depression.

They are: boundless energy; enthusiasm and demand for continuous activity; decreased demand for sleep; grand ideas and poor realization of them; loud patter and gabble; incontinence and lack of arguments, potential illusory thinking and megalomania; swift turn to deep depression WHO.

What is mental illness, p. Other depression related cases are accompanied by low spirits, sense of worthlessness and guilt, lost appetite and normal sleep, unpleasant sensations in the body, etc.

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It can last from several weeks to several months or even years. The future looks black, whereas, daily activities, previously very easy to perform, now become a heavy load.

It is possible to accept general proposition that psychical diseases and disorders are deviations from natural normal properties and lifestyle of „ligoda trading llc“ el.

pašto adresas environment, its adopted standards of behaviour and ethics. These deviations are to be related also to depression.

Some people accept impairment of their mood as a normal thing — not every day of life is to be happy. However, it is a wrong approach, as frequent or continuous absence of good normal mood leads to depression, which becomes a serious disease, restricting joy of life and causing other diseases, working and domestic accidents and conflicts with surrounding people.

Depression lat. Very often it is accompanied also by a decreased sense of satisfaction, interest in anything, ability to concentrate and take decisions. Besides, it leads to worsened appetite, disordered sleep and seared libido.

Almost always a sense of pride and self-confidence also decreases. Similarly depression is also defined by other authors, emphasizing that it causes unpleasant sensations mostly painfulrelated to 3 heart, stomach and head.

„ligoda trading llc“ el. pašto adresas

This trouble is particularly strong in the morning. Depression of different intensity also accompanies almost all psychic diseases.

Ричард с крайней заинтересованностью следил за повествованием Николь и ни разу не проявил даже капельки ревности.

Thus, it is possible to maintain that depression is firstly a negative emotion, as a person suffers due to morbid low spirits, unpleasant sensations, recollections, migrating pains especially headaches. He can hardly manage ordinary daily activities and assignments, can loose his interest in crowd and becomes secretive, feeling hardly comprehensible guilt and experiencing fear about his own health and that of his folks, about his lifestyle, which leads to inferiority.

Unfortunately, people around very often are not able to understand reasons of that and properly evaluate his state, making situation even worse. Deep depression can cause delirium and hallucinations, which people later perceive as real „ligoda trading llc“ el.

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pašto adresas and phenomena. That leads to misunderstanding of viskas, ką reikia žinoti apie bitkoinus mission, to its vacuity or even to suicide. Human depression is a symptom of both psyche disorder and disorder of behaviour as its expression. Reasons and symptoms of that can be different and hardly identified even by experts, as there are cases, when a person, continuously affected by depression, comes back to normal lifestyle situation.

This disease is to be treated as physical disorders in human activity. From the viewpoint „ligoda trading llc“ el.

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pašto adresas its sources and manifestations depression could be subdivided into several groups: 1 somato-genetic, caused by affected CNS and its attenuation, vascular diseases, cancer; 2 endo-genetic schizophreniawhich usually are monopole and bipolar disorders in human mood, schizo-affected disorders, schizophrenic and age related psychosis disorders; 3 psycho-genetic neurotic, physical and mental exhaustion.

They emerge after psychic traumas, long unpleasant experience, disturbing stress related adaptation mechanisms of organism. All these manifestations and reasons display in any part of the world and at any time, though their intensity and sources can vary in space and time. Their numbers rapidly increase in post-industrial countries of intensive labour. For example, in urban areas of USA there are 7.

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Though to a smaller extent, that is also typical for Lithuania and its different regions. In this article only several diseases are treated and accepted as a symptom of depression: disorder in psyche including schizophreniaaddiction related diseases alcoholism, toxicomania and drug addiction Table 1.

Besides, some of them emerge in a result of depression, whereas others can be the reason of it. Sources for depression can be different: unemployment, failure in career, social insecurity, family breakdown, loss of friends, etc.

Above diseases can also be caused by other reasons and display themselves in different ways. Long-term attempts have been made in Lithuania to implant the idea that use of drugs and toxic materials is firstly a problem of socially degraded and poor families. It is virtually not true, as members of rich families, particularly children, very often become drug addicts, since they possess sufficient amount of financial resources for acquisition of narcotic materials. Even if they do that, they make any possible attempt to hide the fact and keep it officially unregistered.

Morbidity and invalidity in psychic disorders in — Table 1.